2019   June 5th   Women in the Army in WW1    Speaker: Dan Allen                  Competition: something made from wood.

July   No meeting

August 7th  Well Being and Happiness. Speaker:  Anne Marie Gawen.  Competition: make as many words (6+ letters) from “well being and happiness”.

September 4th   Celebration of Harvest Festival.  “Bread of Life”                        Speaker: Henry  Jeffries – Master baker     Competition:  write about your worst disaster in cooking.

October 2nd  Learn all about harps and have a play.  Speaker:  Ellie Prout  Competition:  Make a list of as many stringed instruments as you can.

November 6th  Christmas Crafts.  Competition:  Your favourite Christmas decoration and why.

December 4th  Ann Lambert with Hampstead Norreys Handbells.                             Competition:  A handmade bell

2020  January 8th   Members evening

February 5th  Working in the Met Office in the Falklands and South Georgia.             Speaker:  Michael Palmer.  Competition:  What has been the most useful item you have taken on holiday

March 4th  Annual Meeting                                                                                  Competition:   A spring photo

April 1st:  Witches of Pendle  Speaker:  Jaye  Windmill                                                       Competition: An April Fool’s Jape

May 6th  Resolutions meeting                                                                        Competition:   A picture made out of feathers